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It's time to rise above your circumstances

Are you ready to stop learning ABOUT God and discover a higher way of being WITH God?

At Brilliant TV, you’ll learn to trade the typical devotional experience of God for one based on relationship. You’ll experience the absolute joy and delight God has in you and learn what He REALLY thinks about you. 

It’s your time to get out of a life of striving and into a life of abiding with Him every day. Become part of a growing community of thousands of people and accelerate your growth to become all you can be in Jesus. 

The Brilliant TV Experience

In addition to accessing 100+ hours of guided learning and transformational training, conferences, and activation guides, you'll receive ongoing video updates, delivered to your inbox weekly. 

Join the weekly discussions, ask questions, and share your own story with thousands of others on the same journey of life in the Spirit.

Transformational Guarantee:

If, after 30 days, you don't feel change, we'll refund you!

"Wow! I'm so grateful for this teaching. For the first time, I feel free from trying harder to "get there." Thank you so much!"

"I really feel it starting to change how I see things about God. Best investment I've made!"

"Perfect timing! I'm so excited and happy about this series."


Cindy G.


Your Brilliant TV Subscription includes:

Total value of $6,545+

Join weekly inner circle mentoring through transformational video teachings. Journey alongside me to not only learn about God, but to experience a higher way of being with God

Access to the 60+ conference sessions from the 2017 Expectation Conference, Overcoming Life workshop, and School of Prophecy

$160 Value

$4,375 Value

Connect directly with me and the Brilliant team through the private online community forum

​Access the entire Brilliant TV library filled with 450+ exclusive OnDemand videos

$1,900 Value

​Expand your network of Kingdom-minded people with the Brilliant TV private online community

​Printable PDF activation guides crafted to ignite action and renew your mind

$40 Value

Enrollment in my Immersion Courses that teach you how to excel in the midst of life’s most difficult challenges

​Watch anytime, anywhere, on any device: Google Play, iOS, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Roku

$150 Value

For a monthly investment of only $20!

Transformational Guarantee:

If, after 30 days, you don't feel change, we'll refund you!

Our Journey Together




Join the Brilliant TV COMMUNITY and access 100+ hours of exclusive content.

Find a relavent series or watch the weekly video updates to guide and EMPOWER you in your walk with the Spirit.

Enjoy the growth and freedom as you explore a BRILLIANT life on your Journey with God.

Transformational Guarantee:

If, after 30 days, you don't feel change, we'll refund you!

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