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Graham Cooke

To help you begin, we’ve created a pathway to support the launch of your BTV adventure. You are always free to explore however you wish, but I highly recommend these two series as a starting point.

These will provide the essential foundations to accelerate your growth and help you better understand just how abundant life in Christ really is. 

Where to Start?

Each of these options comes with a downloadable New Member Guidebook, especially focused on introducing you to this Brilliant life with God… and with us.

We recommend starting with one (or both) of these series, but you’re always free to explore Brilliant TV in whatever way works best for you.

What you think about God is the most important thought you’ll ever have.

But who God really is and who we think He is may not be the same. Knowing His true, unchanging nature allows us to be confident in Him and grow quickly.


The True Nature of God

You have a valuable story and you are on a journey with the Author of that story.

When you understand how God travels with you, you learn to lose your old baggage and discover the new luggage and provision He’s given you in Jesus.


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